What is Jerm Warfare?

Jerm Warfare is the convergence of many years of my cartoons, podcasts, and general commentary, meeting together under a single heading.

It’s a safe space for dangerous conversations.

the battle of ideas

I am a political cartoonist; I am podcast host; and I am an international talk radio host.

My real name is Jeremy Nell, but I am known as ‘Jerm’. My wife and I live in a leafy suburb, in the north of Cape Town, with a wide variety of pets and vegetables in our garden, and a wide variety of alcohol in the cupboard.

I began my career as a cartoonist in late 2005, after being retrenched from a boring job in the mobile technology sector.

I submitted my work to various newspapers until I got a bite.

Being a cartoonist

A few small newspapers ran my then-comic-strip, Urban Trash, until the real break came about two years later, when a large national newspaper offered me a position drawing political satire.

Urban Trash, circa 2005

Being apolitical back then, and not having an ideological direction, I decided to get cues from my colleagues.

My history with cartoons, however, dates back to my childhood when I would wake up early to watch Saturday morning classics like Garfield and Looney Tunes and Pink Panther.

They don’t make cartoons like that anymore.

Cape Town is my home, but my work has appeared globally in multiple languages, across a wide range of publications from newspapers to magazines to textbooks to newsletters to websites.

In short,

  • I have drawn thousands of cartoons;
  • I have published two books; and
  • I have won a few awards.

I no longer work in the mainstream (or legacy) arena. This is both by accident (being fired everywhere) and by design (choosing to go my own way).

Which means that I am now independent.

The tools of my trade are ink, paper, a Wacom tablet, and an iPad Pro.

Being a podcaster and talk radio host

During 2019, I decided to try my hand at podcasting (when not drawing cartoons). The goal was to explore politically incorrect, irreverent, or otherwise “dangerous” talking points with guests.

It began in a recording studio (with in-person guests), but I gave that up after realising how bloated and costly it is. I switched to live-streaming my conversations on YouTube.

Then the whole “Covid” thing began, followed by YouTube removing my videos, followed by me migrating my videos to Odysee, followed by adding the audio versions to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and so on. (Just search for Jerm Warfare in your podcast app.)

During 2022, I was afforded the opportunity to expand my podcast to live radio.