What is Jerm Warfare?

My name is Jerm and I am a cartoonist and broadcaster.

Jerm Warfare is my brand.

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My real name is Jeremy Nell and I am South African.

My wife and I live in the countryside just outside of Cape Town, surrounded by our pets, vegetables, vineyards and the world’s cutest squirrels.


I began my career as a cartoonist in late 2005 after being retrenched from a boring job in the mobile technology sector.

I am a varsity dropout and have no formal training in anything.

My cartoon work has appeared globally in multiple languages, across a wide range of publications from newspapers to magazines to textbooks to newsletters to websites.

In short,

  • I have drawn thousands of cartoons,
  • I have published two books and
  • I have won a few awards.

Keep my work independent by funding a cartoon. Your name will be added alongside my signature and you will be sent a personally signed copy.

I no longer work in the mainstream. This is both by accident (being fired everywhere) and by design (being fired everywhere).


During 2019 I decided to create my own podcast.

Search for Jerm Warfare in any podcast app. In spite of Spotify’s ban, my podcast has been downloaded millions of times.

During 2022, I was afforded the opportunity to expand my podcast to live radio and I host my own daily talk show to an international audience.