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I'm an award-winning cartoonist and broadcaster. My wife and I live in the countryside with our pets, homegrown (and hunted) food and alcohol.

MK-Ultra and MK-Naomi

Have you heard about MK-Ultra? Probably. Have you heard about MK-Naomi? Probably not. Well, in case you haven’t heard about MK-Ultra, [d]uring the 1950s and ’60s, the CIA used brainwashing, hypnosis, and torture on thousands of subjects brutalized by the infamous Project MK-Ultra experiments.Though they may sound like science fiction and though the CIA tried to deny them for years, the mind-control experiments of project MK-Ultra were all too real. For more than a decade at the height of the Cold War, CIA researchers abused helpless subjects in some of the most disturbing experiments in history.Convinced that the Soviet Union…

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Syrian war

It’s liberating – but also crazy – to think that most of what I believed a few years ago is no longer what I believe now. Like many others I have been (and probably still am) a victim of establishment programming and it has taken years of deprogramming through conversations like the following with Piers Robinson (who has chatted to me before). A paradigm shift I haven’t published any book collections of my cartoons since 2014, but what’s interesting to me is that, paging through my work, I see cartoons that I would not draw today. Why? Because, as I…

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