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Since I’ve drawn thousands of cartoons, this is a curated collection with a focus on the Covid era and the years following it.

He's just defending himself

On a school playground, a big bully unjustly takes over a smaller kid’s space and, when the smaller kid resists, the bully claims self-defense, thereby breaking the rules of fair play.

Cost of a coffee with CBDC

The role of CBDC is essentially centralised control and mass surveillance. For example, cash is largely anonymous. CBDC, meanwhile, will severely restrict personal choice. Avoid it. It is very dangerous.


Technocracy, originating in the 1930s US, aimed for a scientifically-managed society, evolving into Sustainable Development and influencing global initiatives like Agenda 2030, directly impacting personal privacy and freedoms.

Regarding the wars, what would Jesus do?

When it comes to the Middle East and, more specifically, Israel and Palestine, I side with neither the Israeli government nor Hamas. I choose to hold a morally superior position.

Globalism Vs Localism

The concept of traditional political divides such as left-versus-right and socialism-versus-capitalism is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Pushback means that the tide is turning and people won't blindly obey.

When people begin to question and think critically, they become active participants in governance rather than passive recipients of directives. Don’t blindly obey illegitimate authority. Push back for the sake of freedom.

Asleep Vs Awake

The awakening is a shift from an ego-driven state of consciousness to a more enlightened one. The psychologist becomes the psychoanalysed. Stop sleeping. Wake up and see the world as it is.