Navigating the fog can be challenging and overwhelming.

A few solutions might be the following.

  • Explore multiple perspectives, including those with different political leanings and religious affiliations.
  • Verify information by apply critical thinking and doing your own research.
  • Recognise your own biases and strive to approach information with an open mind.
  • Check multiple sources to see if there is consensus or divergence in reporting.
  • Pay attention to the language used and the way information is presented, including cultish rhetoric or appeals to “the science”.
  • Have discussions with individuals who hold diverse perspectives, including those rooted in religion or faith, to challenge your assumptions and broaden your understanding.

Plus, values are important because they provide a guiding framework for individuals, communities, and societies. They serve as fundamental principles or beliefs that shape our behaviour, decisions, and interactions with others.

If you stand for nothing, then you’ll for anything.

And you’ll be lost in the fog.

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