Technocracy is a century-old idea where society is governed, not by politicians, but by scientists and engineers.

It is rooted in the belief that technological and engineering expertise can create a society that is more efficient and organised.

Here’s the thing.

It actually sounds pretty good.

After all, the fundamental goal of technocracy is to eliminate poverty, war, and inequality through the scientific and technological management of society.

Who wouldn’t want that?

In this vision, every individual’s actions would be aligned with the needs of a well-coordinated societal structure.

Techncoracy is all about centralised control and dependance on the state

In other words,

  • centralised control,
  • no privacy,
  • no property and
  • complete dependance on the state.

I wouldn’t want that.

Reject the greater good

In a technocratic society, the individual is seen more as a component in a larger machine rather than a unique entity with personal freedoms.

Put another way, technocracy means no liberty.

The emphasis is on conformity and the alignment of personal goals with the overall plan of society, akin to communism.

Technocracy is like communsim and capitalism combined

No individual freedom, for the greater good.

No independent thought, for the greater good.

No freedom of movement, for the greater good.

The thing is: who determines what is the greater good?

And when a society relies too much on technology, it risks losing the value of human creativity and the natural variety of people. People become just small parts of a big system, losing their uniqueness.

This turns society into a very strict and controlled Brave New World.

Evolution of mankind

The importance of decentralisation

The most effective way to stop technocracy is decentralisation.

Decentralisation of, well, everything is crucial in preserving individual freedoms and in preventing the concentration of power in the hands of the oligarchs.

Use discernment.

Technology is a tool. It is neither good nor bad.

Don’t be a luddite because it is indeed a losing strategy.

Find a balance.

Eat healthy. Get into the gym. Spend time in the sunshine. Celebrate family and community. Turn off mainstream media.

Community, Identity, Stability.

From Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

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