Postmodernism is an intellectual movement that emerged in the mid to late 20th century.

It’s known for being sceptical of grand narratives, the big stories that societies tell about themselves, like progress, truth, or universal human rights. Instead, it tends to see these things as constructs shaped by power relations. Postmodernists often emphasise diversity, difference, and individual subjective experience.

And it’s killing the West.

Postmodernism erodes shared values. By casting doubt on grand narratives, it undermines the common beliefs that hold societies together.

Such as two genders.

Postmodernism promotes moral relativism too, which is the idea that right and wrong are not universal, but vary between individuals or cultures.

Focusing on differences and divisions, postmodernism fuels conflict and division.

Furthermore, postmodernism leads to a kind of paralysis or cynicism. If everything is seen as a power play or construct, then it can be hard to take positive action or believe in anything.

Thus, pronouns become a thing.

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