All wars are bankers’ wars.

That’s the sentiment shared by Michael Rivero in a conversation with me, a few months ago.

Globalism is real

Globalism used to be a concept dismissed by many.

However, with the exposition and acceptance of secret societies and influential organisations like the Bilderberg Group and Fabian Society, the focus of the discussion about globalists has moved from their existence to the nature and implications of their agenda(s).

For decades, the existence of the Bilderberg Group was officially denied.

Until they came clean.

So, what is globalism?

Central to globalism – or globalist ideology – is the concept of centralisation.

This encompasses various domains, including finance, government, and social mechanisms. Globalists (to whom I sometimes refer as internationalists) strive for a single, digital ID and world currency, leading to a cashless society, which is a step closer to establishing a one-world government (or global governance), eliminating national borders and sovereignty, and creating a centralised bureaucratic system where globalists are the decision-makers.

Globalism takes the guise of many definitions and labels, such as:

Sustainable Development is the popular one, often used by the United Nations (UN) under the framework of ‘environmental protection’, which is just their attempt to exert control over resources, production, and personal freedoms.


Another aspect of the globalist agenda is population control, rooted in eugenics.

Malthusianism, in other words.

This idea is historically linked to the early 20th-century eugenics movement, is now being repurposed under environmentalism.

Bro, save the planet, bro! Have fewer kids, bro!

It’s all complete nonsense.

Aborting the useless eaters
Globalists want to abort the useless eaters

There is no evidence that Earth is overopulated. There isn’t even a metric that can be used to make such a claim.

The depopulation agenda revolves around controlling people. Fewer people, clustered in cities, are easier to control.

Don’t be distracted by wars, which are designed to make money for bankers and other globalists, and to divide.

The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man.

Thomas Malthus

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