Transhumanism is a movement aiming to enhance the human body through various technologies such as cloning, bionics, drugs, genetic modification, and nanotechnology.

Governments and institutions are pushing for this agenda, including the removal of gender-specific pronouns, to prepare society for a no-gender synthetic human. They are encouraging the use of new transgender pronouns, and in some places, it has become illegal not to use the correct pronoun.

It’s about power and control.

COVID-19 lockdowns, for example, were likely used to destroy companies so that they can create a technocratic economy, while Agenda 2030 is a United Nations (UN) project to tighten its global governance goal.

Big tech companies are key players in the transhumanism agenda, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and microchips being developed to control thinking and actions. The role of 5G technology in creating a 24/7 surveillance grid, for example, connects humans to the cloud, integrating everything, including human bodies.

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