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Something I’ve wondered is why the West hates Russia and Russians.

The following is an attempt to provide, perhaps, an answer.

The West’s animosity towards Russia and its people stems from Russia’s distinctiveness from Western civilisation, its preservation of Christian and ancient Indo-European spiritual heritage, and its position as a civilisation of the future, while the West – with its moral decay and neo-Marxist chaos – is seen as a civilisation of the past.

Historically, Russophobia can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece, through Catholic Rome’s crusades against the Russian civilisation, to modern times where Western authors have portrayed Russians as barbarians and slaves.

In order to shift the blame from themselves, Western theologians of that time launched a campaign to justify putting the onus on the Eastern Church.

They used arguments that returned again and again as part of the confrontation between the West and Russia.

Back then, in the Middle Ages, they began referring to the Greek world, i.e. Byzantium, as a “territory of tyranny and barbarism” in order to disavow responsibility for the schism.

The Long History of Rusophobia

The West has, for a long time, feared Russia’s military power.

The hatred is irrational and deeply ingrained in the West’s collective unconscious.

The West is dead

Russian values of truth and justice can be contrasted with Western hyper individualism which, for example, can be criticised for destroying hierarchy, family, and the moral compass..

In fact, attempts by Anglo-Americans to buy Russian territories and assimilate Russian people might be part of a larger agenda to eliminate Russian civilisation.

The divide between Russia and the West is deep and persistent, rooted in historical, cultural, and ideological differences. Russia is a misunderstood and feared entity, standing strong against Western aggression and maintaining its unique identity and values.

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