Adam Coleman is an author, public speaker, and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing.

His literature has been featured in Newsweek, The Post Millennial, ScoonTV, Free Black Thought, and Human Defense Initiative.

Adam’s book, Black Victim To Black Victor, is about the culture of victimhood within the American black community.

In his book, he argues that black Americans are constantly lied to about the source of their cultural issues in an attempt to profit and to make sure that they never leave the mindset of the victim. He identifies a number of ideologies, behavioural patterns, and cultural norms that encourage such victimhood mentality, and he argues that these factors are ultimately responsible for the high rates of poverty, crime, and violence.

Black Lives Matter versus It's Okay To Be White

Victimhood mentality is a psychological state in which an individual perceives himself as a constant victim of external circumstances or the actions of others. People with such a mentality tend to believe that they are powerless and that they have little or no control over their lives, and that they are constantly being mistreated or oppressed by others. They often feel a sense of entitlement to sympathy, special treatment, or compensation for their perceived victimisation.

Overcoming victimhood mentality requires a shift in mindset and the development of personal empowerment.

  • Self-awareness means recognising and acknowledging one’s victimhood mindset within oneself. One needs to take responsibility for one’s own thoughts, actions, and emotions.
  • Personal agency means cultivating a sense of personal agency by focusing on what one can control rather than what is beyond one’s control.
  • One needs to challenge one’s negative thought patterns and reframe one’s experiences. Instead of dwelling on past (or imagined) grievances, one must focus on the present and future.

In his conversation with me, Adam discusses growing up homeless and without a father; the importance of the family; why masculinity matters; feminism exploiting black women; and white liberals always wanting to “save” black people.

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