Alec Zeck is a speaker, producer, podcaster, and former army captain. He is also the founder of The Way Forward, and producer of The End Of COVID series.

The fog of war propaganda is in full effect.

Understanding Gaza

Map of Gaza

The Gaza Strip, also known as Gaza, is a narrow area between Israel and Egypt and has been a centre of conflict for many years. It has a complex history dating back to the early 20th century, when it was mainly populated by Muslim and Christian Arabs under Ottoman rule.

Over the years, Gaza has experienced different rulers and conflicts. It was under British control and then affected by the 1948 war, which led to Israel’s creation.

This led to an influx of refugees, making Gaza very crowded.

Gaza City
Gaza City

Hamas, which has become an increasingly aggressive militant group over time, has been the government of Gaza since 2007, when their election ‘surprised’ the world, triggering an Israeli-imposed blockade.

To be clear, ‘occupied’ (in this context) refers to the control and administration of certain Palestinian regions, by the Israeli military or government, that are not internationally recognised as part of Israel.

Israel and Palestine

Israel has occupied the Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza) and the Golan Heights since the 1967 Six-Day War.

Here’s Norman Finkelstein addressing Jewish university students.

No dog in this fight

Both Alec and I have no dog in this fight and, as such, side with neither Hamas nor the Israeli government.

I am neither a Jew nor a Muslim. I am neither an Israeli nor a Palestinian.

But, as he notes, due to the vested Western interests in Israel and the broader Middle East (like Iran), the Israeli government gets more criticism (also paradoxically due, in part, to its stranglehold on Washington).

If you are cheering for or justifying what the Israeli government is doing to innocent men, women, and children in Gaza— slaughtering thousands, displacing tens, maybe hundreds of thousands, destabilizing the world, breeding more radicalized viewpoints and driving us towards a full-scale, multi-front conflict, you are not a “freedom fighter.” You are not “anti-establishment.” You are not a “truther.” You have lost your humanity and ability to think critically.

Alec Zeck

After all, why does a tiny country, about the same size as the Kruger National Park, demand so much international airtime?

It is the mark of a great man to be neutral in a time of turmoil.


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