The Jones Plantation is a fictional story—by Larken Rose—used as an allegory for societal control.

In it, a slave named Samuel Jones becomes the manager of a plantation and introduces changes that make the slaves believe they have more freedom and control while they remain controlled and exploited.

Obviously, it’s about how people can be manipulated into accepting their own subjugation by making superficial changes that give the illusion of freedom.

Like voting in a national election.

The film adaption

Andrew Treglia directed and co-wrote a 2023 film adaptation Jones Plantation. It’s independently funded, so I recommend supporting it by buying the film.

Larken Rose is one of the co-writers and whose book, Most Dangerous Superstition, is absolutely worth reading.

I would support the film simply because of its fantastic poster. Just look at that great design; it has a touch of Guy Ritchie in it.


Andrew joined me for a conversation about the film, its allegory, and how it relates to modern society.

My wife and I were camping in the mountains for a few days, but I managed to connect to the internet and record via a distant cellphone tower.

This is an audio-only conversation.

The mind is a powerful tool. Either you control it, or it controls you.

Napoleon Hill

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