Anthony Chaffee has a YouTube channel focused on eating carnivorously. He is a medical doctor and neurosurgical resident from America and has dedicated over two decades to investigating the ideal nutrition for human health and performance.


Anthony advocates for a carnivore diet consisting entirely of animal products such as meat, organs, eggs, and milk.

He believes that the toxins and anti-nutrients found in plant foods contribute to many chronic health issues by disrupting digestion, the immune system, and overall health.

He adds that animal-based foods contain complete proteins and essential nutrients that are more bioavailable than plant sources, and that a carnivore diet can aid in weight loss, improved heart health, and reduced inflammation and digestive issues.

Our ancestors hunted animals preferentially – the more fat on the animal the better. Our ancestors only ate meat, organs, and fat.

Paul Saladino, The Carnivore Code

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