Globalism refers to a political ideology and economic strategy that advocates the unification and cooperation of countries for shared benefits such as economic prosperity, environmental protection, human rights, and peace.

It can be seen in various forms including international trade agreements, global institutions such as the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and through a general increase in interconnectedness and interdependence among countries.

Good intentions, so far.

But we all know to where that paved road leads.

Meanwhile, since Elon Musk took the Twitter reins there have been some demonstrably positive moves in the right direction, such as the removal of the Covid misinformation policy (which was an attempt to silence dissent) and the unbanning of a lot of users.

C.J. Hopkins’s The Emperor Elonicus is a satirical piece that discusses Elon’s acquisition.

He criticises Twitter’s previous approach to content moderation, suggesting it was biased towards wokeness and that it suppressed freedom of speech.

C.J. argues that the acquisition of Twitter was as a strategic move to cater to the anti-woke demographic, a market segment that is ripe for exploitation.

Moreover, he discusses the backlash from the corporate world and liberal pundits, as well as the subsequent public relations strategies, which are like a circus act.

Basically, one must acknowledge Elon’s good work but remain sceptical about his intentions, which could be another instance of a powerful figure promising change but ultimately perpetuating the status quo.

Nuance is important.

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