David Rasnick is a biochemist who has spent decades studying AIDS and cancer.

He created DATE analysis as part of his cancer theory work. (DATE stands for Differentiation, Adaptation, Transformation, Evolution.)

He knows what he is talking about, in other words.


David used to be the president of Rethinking AIDS, a group that re-evaluates the HIV theory scientifically. He was also the president of the International Coalition for Medical Justice and was part of the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel of South Africa from 2000 to 2008. (Regarding the latter, I recommend listening to my conversation with South African High Court advocate Anthony Brink, who argues that former President Thabo Mbeki was correct and deserves an apology.)

The media establishment has no idea what it’s talking about

I also recommend listening to my conversation with a man who was diagnosed with AIDS two decades ago after being given four years to live. He was put on ARVs for life but later stopped and now lives a perfectly healthy life. What they did to him is disgraceful.

Inventing the AIDS virus
Recommended reading

David says that AIDS doesn’t exist in any meaningful way.

And he’s right.

Think about it.

What exactly is AIDS?

Consensus isn’t science

Furthermore, consensus is not science.

It doesn’t matter how many scientists agree with one another because agreement doesn’t determine what is true. For example, nine out of ten scientists might all agree but still be wrong, while the tenth scientist is correct.

Meanwhile, a 1996 study by Nancy Padian tracked HIV-discordant couples over 10 years and found no transmission of HIV, suggesting it is nearly impossible to transmit the ‘virus‘ through sex.


David challenges the scientific consensus that HIV causes AIDS, arguing that AIDS is not a single-cause disease and that HIV has never been conclusively shown to be the cause.


He also makes the point that antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) used to treat AIDS are toxic and ineffective and that HIV tests—not unlike PCR tests—are essentially useless due to a lack of specificity.

I strongly recommend the work of the Perth Group.

AIDS is an industry and the ‘science’ is overly dogmatic and not sufficiently open to scientific scrutiny.

If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There is no such document.

Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winner and PCR inventor

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