All-cause mortality refers to the total number of deaths due to any cause within a certain population and time period.

It’s reliable and straightforward for a few reasons.

  • All-cause mortality captures all deaths, regardless of the specific cause. This eliminates biases associated with focusing only on certain diseases or conditions.
  • Sometimes, the exact cause of death can be difficult to determine, leading to misclassifications in cause-specific mortality data.
  • All-cause mortality is a concrete event that is usually well-documented and reported. A person is either dead or alive.
  • It reflects the overall health and wellbeing of a population. It takes into account the effect of all possible health threats, including those that might not be the immediate cause of death but still contribute to the overall risk.
  • Cause-specific mortality can be influenced by changes in how diseases are defined or diagnosed, but all-cause mortality is unaffected by these changes.

It doesn’t provide insights into the causes of death, but it does show trends and correlations.

Canadian scientist Denis Rancourt and his colleagues have confirmed from studies and monitoring of side effects that COVID-19 vaccines cause death.

Around 13 million deaths worldwide, currently.

The rate of vaccine-induced deaths in relation to the number of doses given, called the vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR), has been measured to be as high as 1% in India and in poorer states in the USA where “vaccine equity” campaigns have been run.

In Australia, it was measured to be 0.05%. This data didn’t take into account the age of the people vaccinated.

Denis’s research looks at how the fatality rate changes based on age, using data from Israel and Australia and the results show that it’s much higher for older adults and it increases quickly with age, doubling roughly every 5.2 years.

For example, in Israel, the rate is 0.6% for people over 80 and, in Australia, it’s 1% for people over 85.

In contrast, for younger adults (less than 45 years old), the rate is less than 0.01%.

The vaccines are toxic.

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