Desmund Bernardo is a husband, father, and nuclear professional.

He completed his military conscription in the Air Force at the then-secret TFDC Bredasdorp Air Force Base.

Des started his career at South Africa’s state-owned electricity utility—Eskom—in 1992 and obtained a Reactor Operator’s Licence from the National Nuclear Regulator in 2003. He is currently a Project Manager on the nearly completed Koeberg SGR (Steam-Generator Replacement) Project.

Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, outskirts of Cape Town

From 2002 to 2010, Des spent eight years in counter-terrorism intelligence.

He also hosts the Beyond Politics channel on YouTube.


Our conversation looks at the 2024 South African national election and the formation of a rather theatrical coalition, of the major parties, called the Government of National Unity (GNU).

Des predicts a government collapse by the end of 2025.

I recommend watching the preview of this conversation, as I love the artistic flair of Aquahelix (who produces all my videos).

He argues that the ANC, DA, and IFP are controlled by families like the Oppenheimers to push South Africa towards globalism (including digital IDs, CBDCs, and Sustainable Development).

Des makes a compelling argument for direct democracy, distinguishing it from whatever ‘democratic’ system we currently have. Basically, direct democracy is a system in which citizens vote directly on laws and policies, instead of electing representatives to decide for them. This includes things like referendums, giving people direct control over decisions.

In short, the GNU is not a good thing.

They will use more monitoring, tracking and tracing. They will use more cameras and they are installing them in Cape Town at a rate of knots.

Des Bernado

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