Dustin Broadbery, who has been on my podcast before, is an investigative journalist and blogger with some great takes.

For example, he wrote a great piece for Off Guardian called ‘The Anatomy of a Cult‘ (which formed the basis of our following conversation).

The COVID cult

It’s interesting to see the extreme divisions over COVID™.

Millions completely believe vaccines are the only solution—the jab is the Kool-Aid and the cult leader is Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates.

It’s like a cult with blind followers and divinely inspired messengers of God. I don’t quite understand it. Mattias Desmet seems to have a better understanding of it; it’s as if they’re hypnotised or indoctrinated.


In crises (or ‘crises’), groups form.

The fake pandemic made this easy by demanding full compliance. Independent thinking vanished. People took roles to enforce conformity, punishing dissent. I mean, my neighbour reported others for walking their dogs, for goodness sake.

It was bonkers.

Groupthink overruled raional thinking.

Our lives resembled cults, driven by fear and loss of freedom.

Science is a religion with Bill Gates as the god

But here’s the thing.

The loss of freedom was a choice.

Millions of people chose to lose their sovereignty..


It’s an old slogan of the totalitarian state that the people can be made to think that there is some invincible, unbreakable connection between the ruler and the ruled. This is, of course, a form of cultism.

Christopher Hitchens

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