Gabrielle Clark is a black mom fighting for her white son.

She is suing his school after they wanted to fail him because he said that black people can be racist towards white people.

Follow her case at No Left Turn’s website.

No Left Turn in Education brought to Federal Court the first known case against Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our nation’s public schools.

The Plaintiffs Gabrielle Clark and her son William Clark, filed suit in the Federal District Court of Nevada against Public Charter School Democracy Prep et al., claiming Defendants violated their Constitutional Free Speech and Due Process rights.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an intellectual framework that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s as a response to the limitations of traditional civil rights approaches. Its foundational argument is that racism is ingrained in the fabric of white people and that it is not merely a matter of individual prejudice, but a systemic issue.

CRT aimed to challenge the notion of colour-blindness and supposedly expose the ways in which racism (from white people) persists.

It overemphasises group identity and removes individual identity.

By framing white people as fundamentally racist, CRT ignores real racism and erases the agency of individuals in overcoming racial barriers, perpetuating a culture of victimhood, hindering efforts towards genuine unity.

Furthermore, by emphasising racial differences, CRT runs the risk of generalising individuals based on skin colour, leading to stereotyping and discrimination.

CRT also rejects alternative viewpoints and stifles open dialogue, ultimately promoting censorship, cancel culture and wokeness.

Proponents often label dissenting voices as “ignorant” or “white supremacists”, effectively shutting down any meaningful discussion.

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