Joe Navarro is a retired FBI agent who has become a leader in nonverbal communication and body language.

He has written several bestselling books and does a lot of public speaking.

Joe explains that nonverbal communication is everything that communicates but not through words. This includes body language, facial expressions, and even the things we attach to ourselves. He emphasises that these nonverbal cues are constantly communicating information about us, our beliefs, and our values.

He debunks several myths about nonverbal communication.

For example, he clarifies that there is no single behaviour indicative of deception, contrary to popular belief. He also dismisses the notion that crossing one’s arms is a sign of blocking people away, instead suggesting it’s a self-comforting gesture.

Joe believes in the authenticity of nonverbal communication, explaining that it is controlled by the limbic system, a primitive area of the brain that reacts to the world without thinking. This makes nonverbal cues very authentic as they portray what we feel, think, desire, and fear in real time.

He emphasises the importance of understanding nonverbals for empathy and influence.

He also suggests that our influence on one another is primarily through nonverbal communication.

Joe’s methods have been used by both the government and business sector, as well as individuals wanting to improve their communication skills and better understand people around them.

In addition to his work on nonverbal communication, Joe has a skill for noticing criminal behaviour, hence his successful history of catching spies.

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