Judith Curry is the president of Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN) and previously the professor and chair of the School Of Earth And Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute Of Technology.

Judith also has an informative website, Climate Etc.


A variety of factors, including the sun, clouds, water vapor, and volcanoes, influence Earth’s climate. However, the focus is often solely on carbon dioxide, particularly the small fraction attributable to human activity, despite the sun being the primary driver of climate change.

If the sun vanished tomorrow, then Earth’s temperature would plummit and pretty much all life would end.

Clouds play a crucial role in both warming and cooling, while water vapour and volcanic eruptions also have significant impacts. Judith argues that climate science is unreliable due to the interconnected and poorly understood nature of these various climate factors and feedback mechanisms.

The idea that global warming is the most important problem facing the world is total nonsense and is doing a lot of harm.

eeman Dyson, theoretical physicist

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