Mattias Desmet and Mike Yeadon are two great men who think very deeply about things, and I have the much respect for their passion and insights into human behaviour and mental health.

And their desire to understand why people behave in a certain way.

Mattias is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, focusing on mass crowd formation, totalitarianism, mass hypnosis, indoctrination and, basically, how the human mind works.

Mass formation is a phenomenon that occurs when a large group of people develop irrational beliefs or engage in collective behaviour that defies logic or reason. 

It’s like a contagious mindset that spreads within a community, leading individuals to adopt the same thoughts, behaviours, or beliefs.

It’s as if masses of people are hypnotised.

Be the sheep that doesn't wear a mask

Meanwhile, Mike is a retired British pharmacologist who served as the chief scientist and vice-president of the Allergy & Respiratory Research Division of Pfizer, and is the co-founder and former CEO of the biotechnology company Ziarco.

He left Pfizer in 2011 and has spoken out against the entire Covid narrative, which I will summarise as the following.

  • There was no pandemic.
  • There was a mass fear campaign which led to increased compliance and surveillance.
  • There was a mass rollout of harmful “vaccines“.

As silver linings go, there has also been a mass awakening.

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