To be delusional means to have beliefs or ideas that are not based on reality.

It’s when a person firmly believes in something that is not true, even when there is evidence that proves it is false. People who are delusional often have difficulty accepting or understanding the truth and may hold strongly onto their false beliefs.

Being delusional is a type of mental disorder.

Big Pharma keeping you sick with drugs

Mike Wallach, who directed a seven-hour documentary called The Viral Delusion, which challenges the current understanding of virology.

Officially, virology is the scientific study of viruses, which are tiny infectious agents that can only replicate inside the cells of living organisms. Viruses are not considered living organisms themselves because they lack the ability to carry out metabolic processes and reproduce independently.

Viruses are apparently composed of genetic material, either DNA or RNA, enclosed in a protein coat called a capsid. Some viruses also have an outer envelope derived from the host cell’s membrane. The viral genome contains the instructions for replicating the virus and hijacking the host cell’s machinery.

Furthermore, and allegedly, viruses are obligate intracellular parasites, meaning they require host cells to reproduce. The replication cycle typically involves attachment of the virus to a specific receptor on the host cell surface, entry into the cell, release of the viral genetic material, replication of the viral genome, synthesis of viral proteins, assembly of new viral particles, and finally, release from the host cell.

However, most of the above has never been observed in a controlled environment.

Mike joined me for a conversation about virology and illness.

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