The Viral Delusion, a documentary series by Mike Wallach, featuring doctors, scientists, and journalists, delves into the alleged science used to justify the fake pandemic and its ridiculous “mitigation measures” like lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and vaccines.

Covid jab means you've got climate change

Documentary series

The following is part one. I strongly recommend watching the entire series.

The series also reveals a more foundational truth: that SARS-CoV-2 exists only as a mental construct.

Put another way, there was no virus.

Mike argues that the belief in all contagious viruses—not just SARS-CoV-2—is a delusion.

If it sounds bonkers, then consider the delusional climate change claim: that humans are responsible for Earth’s changing climate. Both fields of climate change and virology rely a lot of computer modelling and very little emperical evidence.

Our conversation

The series goes back through history, looking at the birth of virology and how its growth led to a massive misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of diseases, including smallpox, Spanish flu, polio, AIDS, and COVID-19.

Mike essentially makes the point that everything we are told and understand about viruses is wrong.

It’s a paradigm shift of note. Think about what it means for health and wellbeing. Think about what it means for medicine.

The part that most fascinates me is that transmissable diseases might not exist. And if they don’t exist, then something else leads to disease.

And that something else is where the actual science lies.

`The attempts to support the virus model through scientific methods have clearly failed and the imagined viruses have no known existence outside of logical fallacies and pseudoscientific claims.

Dr Mark Bailey, Virology’s Event Horizon

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