Stephanie Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

She has a background in computer science, electrical engineering and artificial intelligence.

Stephanie is best known for her views on the role of environmental toxins in human health and her research on the relationship between glyphosate (the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup) and other health problems including autism, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

To be clear, glyphosate is a commonly used weed killer that is sprayed on plants to make them die. It works by stopping a chemical reaction that plants need to grow. Farmers like to use glyphosate because it can kill many different types of plants without harming the crops they want to grow.

However, it has negative effects on our health and the environment.

It can cause cancer and can also stick around in the environment, harming animals and poisoning water.

She chatted to me about the aforementioned, as well as the jab and why it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

Russian Roulette is a dangerous and potentially deadly game involving a revolver or a similar firearm. It is believed to have originated in Russia, hence the name, although its exact origins are uncertain. The game involves participants taking turns to place a single bullet into one of the chambers of the gun’s cylinder and then spinning the cylinder to randomize the chamber’s location. The cylinder is then closed and the participants take turns pointing the gun at their own heads and pulling the trigger.

What could go wrong?

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