Stuart Fischbein (Dr Stu) runs a website and podcast called Birthing Instincts.

More specifically, he is an OBGYN (Obstetrician-Gynaecologist) with over 40 years of experience who specialises in breech and twin births and supports VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean).

In other words, he has delivered a lot of babies in both hospitals and homes, promoting the latter due to it being safer and healthier.

When you end up meddling with birth, you end up needing technology.

Dr Stu

Some personal thoughts

Had my wife not been pregnant, I wouldn’t have considered this talking point. On a recent road trip, she found Dr Stu’s podcast and we listened to a few episodes.

We kept nodding at what he said and I realised I needed to get him on my podcast.

It turns out that, paradoxically, this topic is rarely discussed while being the most important moment in life. Literally.

How we’re born shapes our entire life.

Think about it.

Good birth conditions, for example, mean better health and growth, physically and mentally. Bad conditions can lead to lifelong issues.

We have been taught to believe that hospital births are safer than home births. They’re not.

As Dr Stu notes, the establishment has, over the last century or so, duped men and women into believing that childbirth is a medical condition needing clinical intervention. Hospitals are for treating patients when something is wrong. Is there something wrong with childbirth?


Childbirth is not a medical condition.

Why rush to the hosiptal, then?

Only in the rare case of a genuine emergency. (The definition of ’emergency’ has broadened so much that almost everything is now labelled as one.)

The point is, there is a lot of missing information, probably by design. My guess is that our decision-making might look different if we were more knowledgeable.

The whole medical system is not designed for wellness. It’s designed for pathology.

Dr Stu


Very importantly, Dr Stu adds that medicine absolutely has its place but that we should challenge the over-medicalisation of childbirth.

Talking points

  • Men discussing pregnancy and birth
  • Decline in academic standards
  • His journey to home births
  • The etsablishment’s opposition to home births
  • Too many interventions and C-sections
  • Long-term effects of medical interventions

The medical system is geared to get these women to get on the assembly line of getting delivered.

Dr Stu

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