Taras Kobernyk is a software engineer who was fired from Google after questioning anti-white sentiment within the company.

More specifically, he was fired from the company after questioning its ‘equity’ training.

He has since spoken publicly about what he describes as a disruptive work environment at the tech giant. He penned a memo outlining his concerns, including what he saw as “racially damaging behaviour.” Taras believed that Google was undermining the very things it aimed to improve with its ‘equity’ training.

Writing down workplace worries was a common practice at Google, and his manager even encouraged him to do so.

After submitting his concerns in writing, he was asked to remove the document as it had been flagged as inappropriate and offensive. He refused to delete it, leading to his dismissal. He was told that sections of the document were seen as questioning the experiences of non-white people and that he was using inappropriate language.

Google denied that Taras was fired over the memo.

Instead, they cited “numerous instances of disruptive behaviour” as the reason for his termination. Of course.

Taras is surprised that Google took the extreme measure of firing him, believing that they could have handled the situation differently. He feels that the company had an opportunity to address the issue internally rather than allowing it to escalate.

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