Tess Lawrie runs a company called the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy, which is located in the UK.

The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd is an independent medical research company that makes meaningful contributions to the quality of healthcare globally through rigorous research and innovative healthcare research methodology.

Basically, it means that she reviews lots of science and creates recommendations which are presented to various organisations (such as the WHO).

Discovered in the late 1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin came from a single microorganism found in Japanese soil at the Kitasato Institute in Tokyo, Japan. It has had a hugely positive impact on billions of people worldwide, greatly improving their lives and well-being.

Originally used as a medicine for animals, ivermectin can kill a wide range of internal and external parasites in both commercial livestock and pets.

It was quickly found to be incredibly effective in fighting some of the most devastating and disfiguring diseases that have troubled the poor in tropical regions for centuries.

Now, ivermectin is given for free in global campaigns.

Additionally, it has proven successful in treating several other human diseases, and researchers keep discovering new uses for it all the time.

Something to consider is that, whether or not SARS-CoV-2 is real, Ivermectin can nevertheless be a successful treatment simply because many drugs often treat various symptoms regardless of the cause. For example, Aspirin can be taken for a headache or a fever, both of which might have a different cause.

A few months after we did this podcast, a significant paper, on Ivermectin’s benefits, by Tess, was published in the American Journal Of Therapeutics.

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