Thomas Renz is a lead attorney in several major lawsuits across the United States, currently mostly related to lockdowns, mask mandates, business closures, false PCR data, and fraudulent death numbers.

Renz Law is deeply involved in the Medical Freedom issue. We have joined forces with Non Profit Citizens Rights Groups. Ohio Stands Up! and Make Americans Free Again to help legally fight against unconstitutional shutdowns, vaccine and mask mandates, falsified data & death rates, and social media censorship.

Lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies in the United States typically involve individuals or groups of people claiming that they have been harmed by a medication or medical device produced by, for example, Pfizer.

The legal steps are generally as follows.

  • Injury or harm.
  • Finding legal representation.
  • Filing a lawsuit.
  • Discovery phase.
  • Settlement or trial.
  • Trial.
  • Appeals.
  • Compensation.

He joined me for a quick conversation about his legal battles and, in particular, the “45k Whistleblower Suit” in which an insider has evidence of deliberately manipulated data surrounding vaccine-related deaths.

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