Tony Heller is a scientist and software engineer, and runs, in which he analyses climate change claims and debunks propaganda and alarmism using historical data and trends.

Alarmism (or hysteria) refers to the exaggerated or excessive display of fear, panic, or anxiety about a particular issue or event.

In this case, climate change.

Global warming (or climate change) alarmism typically involves spreading sensationalised or exaggerated information that isn’t supported by evidence, and amplifies the perceived danger of Earth’s natural cycles, leading to heightened public concern and anxiety, increasing the reliance on the government and other authorities like NGOs and the IPCC.

It’s important to remember the following.

  • Humans do not influence Earth’s climate in any meaningful way.
  • Climate change has occurred for millennia.
  • There is no evidence of significant sea-level rise.
  • Extreme weather has not been all that extreme over the last century.
  • The Arctic and Antarctic are doing fine.
  • The climate change narrative has nothing to do with climate change, and everything to do with fear, control and taxation.

On the topic of supposedly melting ice, Susan Crockford is a zoologist and has shown that polar bears are in great shape.

Since I live in Cape Town, I decided to search for a photo from one hundred years ago (more or less), and stumbled upon the following comparison.

Do you see any rise in sea level?

Me neither.

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