Infrequently asked questions

Jerm, where does “Jerm” come from?

My school friends used it as a nickname for me.

Jerm, are you white?

Although I resemble an incredibly handsome Pakistani of Moroccan origin, I am indeed a white boy from South Africa.

Jerm, for how long have you been drawing cartoons?

I’ve been drawing cartoons as far back as I can remember.

Jerm, what are your political views?

I suppose I sit somewhere between an anarchist and a monarchist. In other words, you don’t speak for me while, at the same time, the family hierarchy is the foundation of a prosperous community.

Jerm, are you religious?

I grew up in a Christian family and have loosely held onto the Biblical values I learnt in Sunday School and beyond. In some ways, I might be described as a “cultural Christian”.

Jerm, do you draw on paper?

Recreationally, yes. Professionally, no. While I enjoy drawing with ink, I find drawing digitally is more efficient in the world of deadlines.

An ink doodle I drew in the Kruger National Park during May 2021.

Jerm, are you a Flat Earther?

No. I do believe that Earth is a sphere spinning in space, but I love the “flat Earth” discourse because it forces me to question everything .

Jerm, what podcasting gear do you use?

I use a Shure SM-7B microphone plugged into a Volt 276 compressor, running through various FabFilter EQ plugins.