Brian Berletic is a geopolitical researcher and writer at The New Atlas, and is a former US Marine.

Much of our conversation is based on a 2009 paper by The Brookings Institution, which outlines various strategies the US should employ against Iran. Many of these strategies have been implemented.

Western leaders fail to understand that Iranians desire independence, not Western domination.

Hassan Rouhani

Conversation summary

  • The United States (US) is actively pursuing a war with Iran.
  • The Brookings Institution has proposed Western actions against Iran, including covert operations to change Iran’s government.
  • The goal is to lure Iran into various wars.
  • Israel is being used as a US proxy.
  • US foreign policy remains very similar between all presidential administrations.
  • The US is expanding its military in the Middle East.
  • The US is also looking for a war with Russia and China.

The West sees Iran as a threat because Iran refuses to submit to Western hegemony.

Ali Khamenei

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