Dustin Broadbery is an investigative journalist and blogger.

He wrote a great piece for OffGuardian, called The Anatomy Of A Cult.

Cults are not new

It’s interesting to observe the extreme divisions that have emerged regarding COVID™.

Millions of people totally believe that vaccines are the only solution—the jab is the Kool-Aid and the cult leader is Anthony Fauci.

Or Bill Gates.

Science is a religion with Bill Gates as the god

Branch Covidians are a cult

I don’t quite understand it.

It’s as if they’re hypnotised or indoctrinated.

They blindly believe that receiving an untested chemical concoction in the arm for an imaginary pandemic is the key to good health and wellbeing.

Anything that goes against the official narrative is heresy.

It’s not all that shocking when viewed through the lens of social psychology. Groups often emerge in moments of crisis, as individuals seek solace and guidance. COVID created the ideal circumstances, being portrayed as a serious threat that could only be overcome through complete compliance. Once that belief became ingrained in people’s minds, independent thinking was no longer an option.
Soon enough, individuals begin assuming specific roles within the group and ensuring that others conform. We don’t accept dissent. During emergencies, we have witnessed how regular individuals go to great lengths to ensure they are not perceived as contributing to the issue. They enforce rules on their neighbours without hesitation.
When there’s a strong sense of group consensus, logic and facts tend to lose their importance. What truly matters is the story. No wonder the goalposts kept moving and the stories didn’t make sense—it was no longer about reality. As long as individuals felt like they were contributing to the solution, that was sufficient.
It’s hard to tell the difference between everyday life and cult practices anymore. The group has transformed various aspects of our daily interactions and how we view potential dangers. Being afraid can cause individuals to make decisions that go against what is best for them when they are feeling stressed. They suddenly lose their sense of freedom.
It’s quite unsettling to see future generations being brought into this as well. When public figures such as Greta Thunberg rise to prominence, it indicates a desire for long-lasting influence. I wonder what their ultimate goal is by starting at such a young age. Hopefully, scepticism will continue to thrive among those who question the prevailing narratives. It’s hard to say which one will win in the long run.

Dustin chatted to me about why Covid is a cult.

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