James Corbett is an independent journalist, researcher, and host of The Corbett Report, an online news and information platform.

He is known for his alternative analysis of world events and his critical examination of mainstream narratives.

The Corbett Report covers a wide range of topics, including geopolitics, finance, health, and technology, often delving into deep research and questioning official narratives.

James is recognised for his articulate presentations and thorough investigative reporting. He utilizes various sources, including historical records, government documents, and alternative media, to provide perspectives on current events and global issues.

His work often emphasises the importance of critical thinking and media literacy.

A few excellent deep-dives are:

Have you ever wondered who is pulling the strings?

Consider the following.

A small group of powerful individuals have been working to establish a one-world government for many years.

They control the media, governments, and the financial world.

They have been working to establish a one-world government for a long time.

They are responsible for a number of major historical events, including the Bolshevik Revolution, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the Cold War.

They are using their power to promote globalisation, mass immigration, and the destruction of traditional cultures.

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