James Manning is the pastor at the ATLAH church in Harlem, widely known for his provocative preaching, particularly surrounding what he believes to be the failures of black Americans.

He grew up in poverty.

He picked cotton.

He hated white people.

And he even spent time behind bars.

When he became a Christian, his life’s journey and outlook changed. Instead of blaming white people for his lot in life, he looked inward.

He is also comments on postmodern ideas such as Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ, transgenderism, Black Lives Matter, affirmative action, and the destruction of the family.

High crime rates and gang activity are rampant in black communities across the United States. American prisons have an overrepresentation of black Americans. Broken homes are common across black America.

Black Americans destroy and perpetuate victimhood culture instead of building and taking responsibility, argues James.

A funny moment was when, during 2008, he referred to then-president Barack Obama as a “long-legged mack daddy” and accused him of having a hidden agenda.

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