Mark McDonald is a psychiatrist in Los Angeles, with a focus on childhood trauma and autism.

A man who cannot defend himself or his family, whether he is attacked in a dark alley or by a SWAT team, is not a man.

Jack Donovan

Conversation summary

  • ‘Toxic masculinity’ is a nonsensical term.
  • The term is perpetuated by neo-Marxisism and feminism.
  • Labelling masculinity as toxic encourages self-censorship and political correctness.
  • We should reclaim masculinity—not redefine it.
  • Strength, courage, mastery, and honour are masculine attributes.
  • The term ‘toxic masculinity’ is just another way of saying ‘masculinity’. 

Men cannot be men—much less good or heroic men—unless their actions have meaningful consequences to people they truly care about. Strength requires an opposing force, courage requires risk, mastery requires hard work, honor requires accountability to other men.

Jack Donovan, The Way Of Men

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