Mmusi Maimane is a South African politician, businessman, and former leader of South Africa’s opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA).

He was born in 1980 in Soweto, South Africa and is known for being the first black leader of the DA.

Direct elections are a form of voting in which the people directly elect their representatives or leaders without the involvement of intermediaries such as electoral college or appointed officials.

In a direct election, individuals cast their votes to determine the outcome of the election directly.

Direct elections encourage maximum voter participation as citizens have the opportunity to directly cast their votes for the candidates or issues of their choice, empowering individuals to have a direct say in the selection of their representatives or leaders.

Candidates or issues are subjected to public scrutiny, allowing for greater accountability in the political system.

The big win is that direct elections provide a direct link between voters and the representatives they elect.

Candidates who win the majority of votes represent the interests of their constituents more accurately, as they have received a mandate directly from the people themselves.

This leads to better representation of diverse opinions and interests within a society.

Direct elections offer a more direct and participatory form of democracy.

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