Peter Hitchens (brother of Christopher Hitchens) is a British journalist and author who writes for the Mail On Sunday, and is a former foreign correspondent.

Hitchens began his political career as a revolutionary socialist but now describes himself as a Burkean conservative. His confrontational and opinionated debating style often makes him a controversial figure.

He is deeply critical of the modern UK Conservative Party and has opposed many of their policies, including the party’s handling of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

He emphasises the preservation of traditional values and institutions and believes that society should uphold moral and religious principles, arguing that the decline of traditional values has contributed to social problems such as family breakdown, crime, and drug abuse.

Peter is also critical of the erosion of authority and dislikes liberalism and globalism.

More specifically, he argues that liberal policies such as multiculturalism and open borders have weakened national identity and eroded cultural cohesion.

He believes that countries should prioritise their own interests (a position echoed by Aleksandr Dugin), protect their borders and maintain their distinct cultural identities (a position echoed by Afrikaners in Orania).

I find myself nodding in agreement with pretty much everything.

Peter joined me for a conversation that was, sadly, plagued with technical issues.

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