Professor Of Physics & Mathematics at Northumbria University, Valentina Zharkova is a solar physicist.

In fact, she is probably the world’s leading solar physicist.


The sun—not human activity—is the primary driver of Earth’s changing climate. Humans are not more powerful than the sun, and to think we are requires unbelievable amounts of arrogance and hubris.

Sunspots and solar flares have a profound impact on the Earth’s climate. Put another way, if the sun sneezes, then we get to know about it very quickly.

Sunspots follow an 11-year cycle. Periods of high sunspot activity lead to the sun emitting more energy and radiation, affecting the Earth’s overall temperature.

In other words, driving your internal combustion car has no effect on the ice caps.

The sun is the ultimate source of energy for our planet. Its solar power drives weather, climate, and supports all living organisms.

James Hansen

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