Consider the following.

In a schoolyard, there’s a big bully who takes over a smaller kid’s space on the playground.

The bully claims he’s just protecting himself, but to be honest, he’s not letting the smaller kid play freely in his own area.

When the smaller kid tries to take a stand, the bully beats him up and says that he’s just defending himself.

But, you see, how it works is that the school rules state that you can’t take over someone else’s space on the playground and then claim that you’re just defending yourself when they try to get it back.

It isn’t fair.

Solving the conflict

The bully should be looking for ways to share the playground peacefully, rather than using his strength to push the smaller kid around.

Not fighting is better than fighting.

Plus, the school rules are clear: even if the big bully feels he needs to protect himself, he may not do it by controlling the smaller kid’s space.

And he may not control the smaller’s kid’s space especially because the smaller kid was there first and forcibly evicted.

Drawing the cartoon

Here’s a short video in which I chat a little bit about the thought (and drawing) process behind the cartoon.

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