Buy a signed print

I have drawn and published many thousands of cartoons over the years. However, most are not archived on my website, so if there’s a cartoon that you can’t find, then drop me a line and I’ll try find it.

Digital print

If you’d like a digital (personally signed) print, then you can simply pay immediately.

The cost is R1000 (about $56).

Use this calculator to convert your currency at the latest exchange rate.

I will contact you regarding the details (such as which cartoon and custom message and so on). Following which, I will send you the high-quality version that you can print and frame.

Please read the house rules at some point.

In the payment prompt, enter your email address (so that I can contact you).

Framed print

  • Simply think of a cartoon that you like.
  • Complete the form below.
  • I will contact you.
  • The A3 cartoon is printed on high quality archival watercolour paper with archival inks and the black frame (5mm x 35mm) is constructed from forged aluminium lengths held together by specialised pressure plates that pull the corners together. It’s beautiful.

The reason why my frames are aluminium is because there is an unhealthy amount of red tape attached to shipping wood around the world.

House rules

  • My custom messages are clean. (No cussing.)
  • I do not alter my cartoons.
  • I will write whatever you want but please keep it short (because of space).

Send me your details

The cost for the framed and signed artwork is R3000 (about $165).

Use this calculator to convert your currency at the latest exchange rate.

In order to calculate courier costs, I will need the following information.

If you’d like to buy multiple prints, then contact me directly.