Mark Weber is the director of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), an organisation that aims to promote greater public awareness and understanding of history, particularly regarding the causes and consequences of war and conflict.

The establishment doesn’t like the IHR because it strives for historical accuracy rather than political correctness.

Mark is a historian, author, and commentator who has written extensively on topics like US foreign policy and 20th-century European and American history.

He has an equally extensive knowledge on Winston Churchill.

I read his movie review of Darkest Hour, in which Gary Oldman played Churchill, and used that as the basis of our conversation.

Mark says that, as Hollywood goes, it is worth watching for its entertainment value and excellent production, but the viewer must be cognisant of the historical inaccuracies typically perpetuated in the West.

In a previous conversation I had with E Michael Jones, he spoke about how literature influences and shapes, not only opinion, but history itself. For example, we are constantly told that the Allies were the good guys, but were they? What made them the good guys?

Similarly, we are constantly told that Churchill was a great leader. But was he?


Mark discusses Churchill’s backstory, including the Anglo-Boer War, his entrance into British politics, his popularity (or lack thereof) within his party and the general public, and his hatred for Germany.

Churchill really, really hated Germany.

Mark takes on the classically heroic image of Churchill, pointing out his wartime hypocrisy and appeasement of Joseph Stalin, while also noting Churchill’s lifelong philo-Semitism.

He also discusses Churchill’s relationship with Adolf Hitler who, paradoxically, admired and respected Churchill.

Hitler admired Churchill, but Churchill hated Hitler
Hitler admired Churchill, but Churchill hated Hitler

Nonetheless, Churchill’s decisionmaking during the war ultimately helped lead to the decline of the British Empire. 

Is that why he was “great”?

Churchill was a white supremacist who believed that the Anglo-Saxon race was superior to all others and that the British Empire should be maintained at any cost.

Noam Chomsky, Rogue States

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