Is Israel a vassal state of the United States?

Or is the United States a vassal state of Israel?

If you want to understand the policy of a nation, look at the map.

Napoleon Bonaparte

It’s a question I often ask myself (and my guests).

Joe Biden has said, numerous times, that the US would not exist were it not for the existence of Israel.

Here is Biden – when he could speak in full sentences – saying exactly that.

Israel, Iran, and America

The relationship between Israel, the US, and Iran is complex, as explained by Brian Berletic.

Israel is a small country and appears to be dictating US policy towards Iran, but as Brian notes, while it’s difficult to know who, exactly, is calling the shots, it’s likely that the bigger stick is wielded by the US due to economic size and geopolitical influence.

Historically, smaller countries have often tried to appease bigger ones, and this is probably the case with Israel too.

Lest we forget the 2009 document, The Path To Persia, by the Brookings Institution, in which the highly influential think tank proposes various ‘paths’ to US-led regime change in Iran.

War with Iran, in other words.

With Israel as the proxy.

The withdrawal of the US from the Iran ‘nuclear deal’ under Trump, seemingly driven more by opposition to his predecessor Barack Obama than strategic logic, is interesting.

This deal, which had effectively curbed Iran’s nuclear ambitions (or so we’re told) and garnered support from major global powers, has been overshadowed by Netanyahu’s bizarre focus on Iran.

The pro-Israel lobby

America has a large pro-Israel lobby, especially in government.

Christian Zionism, for example, is rampant across the country. It’s an ideology that perplexes Jewish professor Ilan Pappé.

Why do so many Americans (and others), who are neither Jewish nor Israeli, have cult-like obsession with a tiny country in the MIddle East?

It’s very strange.

AIPAC is a powerful pro-Israel lobby in the US and greatly influences American foreign policy, especially towards Israel and West Asia.

This has led the US to back Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

AIPAC’s influence is so strong that US foreign policy often seems more focused on Israel’s interests than America’s.

Plus, AIPAC has played a major role in key US decisions, and silences politicians who criticise Israel or AIPAC.

And the rockets’ red glare 
The bombs bursting in air 
Gave proof through the night 
That our flag was still there

From the American national anthem

All hail the Star of David Spangled Banner!

Drawing the cartoon

There were a few things I considered when I drew this cartoon. In fact, I bounced the idea off another cartoonist and didn’t go with his suggestion for a few reasons.

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