My conversation, with editor of Covert Action Magazine, Jeremy Kuzmarov, is largely based on his article Widening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Yellow Journalism Stoking Potential War on Iran.

The general vector is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and he argues that there is a plan for a wider war with Iran.


US foreign policy is driving a wider war between Israel and Iran.

Jeremy challenges mainstream media claims that Iran was behind the Hamas attack on Israel, stating there is no evidence to support this. He dismisses, as propaganda, the Wall Street Journal‘s claim that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard leader attended meetings with Hezbollah and Hamas.

Jeremy notes that the timing of the Hamas attack was politically convenient for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and could serve as a distraction from domestic issues.

Why would Hamas attack Israel, knowing it would lead to the destruction of Gaza? Could it have been a false flag operation?

Jeremy also points out that Israel’s Iron Dome defence system just happened to be offline for a few hours during the attack. 

One of the classic tactics of the perpetually self-victimized is to stage provocations and use them as a platform for blame.

Thomas Paine

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