In my conversation with Kevork Almassian, he notes the geopolitical implications of Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza, not only in the Middle East, but also internationally.

What Netanyahu’s government is doing to Gazans is inexusable.

Destruction in Gaza caused by Israel
Destruction in Gaza caused by Israel


A criticism often thrown my way is that I—or my guests—hate Jews. This is nonsensical and not worth entertaining. After all, many Jews oppose the bombing of Gaza.


  • Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza is backfiring and destabilising the region.
  • Countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran are seeking peace through Chinese mediation, while Russia is mediating between Turkey and Syria.
  • The situation in Gaza has become a symbol of resistance against colonialism and occupation and is attracting international support.
  • Israel’s objectives are to “wipe out Hamas” and ethnically cleanse Palestine, which is obviously a terrible idea in the long term.

The Israeli strategy in the Gaza Strip is very contraproductive for the Israelis.

Kevork Almassian

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