Nurse Dani, a paediatric nurse of 16 years, lost her job for refusing to get the Covid “vaccine“.

Hospital management engaged in bullying tactics and fear campaigns to force the staff into getting jabbed, before mandating it.

mRNA ‘vaccines’ are a form of ‘biological warfare’ that manipulate essential ‘encoded protein molecules’ in human cells. These injections alter the DNA information transferred to messenger RNA (mRNA), a process that is potentially harmful. Scientists are capable of mutating genes, and these mRNA injections have a significant impact on cellular functioning.

Severe side effects include blood clots, nerve pain, blindness, deafness, and death.

The shots produce mutated proteins that replicate uncontrollably, similar to cancer. These proteins could affect not only the individual but also future generations. For example, children born to parents who have been jabbed with mRNA vaccines might have compromised immune systems and could suffer from conditions like severe autism and early-onset dementia.

Nobody needs these ‘vaccines’.

Nobody should be forced to be injected with them.

Nurses, especially.

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