Wolfgang Wodarg is a German physician specialising in internal medicine and hygiene.

He spent a significant portion of his career serving as a director of a public health office, liaising closely with epidemiologists and overseeing the northern region of Germany. Following this, his career took a political turn. For fifteen years he was a member of the health committee of the Bundestag (the federal parliament of Germany and the main legislative body at the national level), followed by a decade-long stint in the Council of Europe.

He served as the president of the health subcommittee in the Council of Europe where he spearheaded an investigation into the swine flu, which he categorised as a fabricated pandemic. The aim of this investigation was to scrutinise the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) activities in relation to this matter in the committee.

The WHO is completely corrupt

As Wolfgang notes, the WHO has been found to be significantly dependent on its sponsors, which largely comprise of pharmaceutical companies and foundations (such as the Gates Foundation).

This dependency has led to an influence that heavily sways the WHO’s focus.

Over the years, the WHO has increasingly aligned with pharmaceutical interests.

Such sponsorship, while ostensibly aimed at public health, often prioritises economic interests, especially those of the pharmaceutical industry, leading to a noticeable shift in the WHO’s approach to health, which was confirmed by WHO insider Astrid Stuckelberger.

Jaws vs the WHO

The WHO’s pivot towards vaccines

This shift favours treating health as a business opportunity and mass compliance, rather than focusing on prevention and public health. As a result, the WHO’s discussions and focus have increasingly centred on vaccinations and antiviral drugs since around the year 2000, marking a significant shift in their overall approach to global health issues.

For example, Wolfgang criticised the WHO for overreacting to the H1N1 virus (swine flu), which was no more dangerous than seasonal flu. He spearheaded an inquiry, by the Council of Europe, into whether or not the WHO had overstated the threat of the virus, potentially under the sway of pharmaceutical companies, which had benefited from the increased production and sale of antiviral medicines and vaccines.

It’s just a normal kind of flu. It does not cause a tenth of deaths from the usual flu. There is no reason to panic.

Wolfgang Wodarg, circa 2009

The investigation revealed that the WHO had excessively close ties with the pharmaceutical industry.

Here’s my conversation with Wolfgang.

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