Orania is a small, predominantly Afrikaner town located in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

It was established in 1991 as a reaction to the end of apartheid and the subsequent dismantling of the policies that enforced racial segregation in the country.

Orania was founded with the aim of creating a self-sufficient and independent Afrikaner community, promoting Afrikaner culture, language, and heritage.

It is a unique town in South Africa because its population is almost exclusively white and Afrikaner, with the majority of its residents being descendants of the early Dutch, German, and French settlers.

The town operates as a private community with strict membership requirements, making it challenging for non-Afrikaners to reside or own property there. The residents of Orania have established their own local economy and institutions, including schools, businesses, and a university focused on promoting Afrikaner identity and history.

The town also has its own currency and cryptocurrency.

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