Blind obedience to authority is dangerous.

Thankfully, a wave of pushback is both growing and inevitable.

Mr Global, standing in shallow waters and wearing a pointless mask, represents the myopic view of those in power. They want mass control.

But they’re not going to get it.


Because, thanks to the Covid™ era, many people are starting to wake up from a slumber.

And it’s not just a reactionary force; it’s a necessary counterbalance to unchecked authority. When people begin to question and think critically, they become active participants in governance rather than passive recipients of directives.

Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be imperilled.

Sun Tzu

The pushback is a warning to Mr Global.

If they continue to push their transhumanist agendas, they will drown in a tide of public opinion and action.

The pushback is not merely a rebellion; it’s a reminder that authority should be wielded responsibly, with the consent and participation of the governed.

When this balance is lost, the wave of pushback serves as a corrective force, realigning the scales of power and reminding everyone involved that governance is a two-way street.

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