Jeremy Kuzmarov is the editor of Covert Action Magazine, a publication that has, since the 1970s, been uncovering conspiracies committed by the US government, the FBI, CIA and other groups.

His article about Marilyn Monroe’s death and new evidence linking the Kennedy family to it, is the basis of my conversation with him.

Official story

The official story is that she died in August 1962 at her home in Los Angeles and the cause of her death, as determined by the LA County Coroner’s Office, was ruled as a suicide by drug overdose.

Marilyn Monroe found dead and naked in her bed

However, this doesn’t make sense, due to:

  • inconsistencies in witness testimonies,
  • delay in reporting her death,
  • lack of phone records and missing diary,
  • autopsy discrepancies, and
  • political connections.

A cover-up?

Jeremy notes that a recent documentary, The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, and a book by former LAPD officer Mike Rothmiller, Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe, present a different, more interesting angle.

They argue that Robert Kennedy, with whom Marilyn had an affair, was involved in her death. The book and documentary suggest that her threat to expose her relationships with the Kennedys probably led to her murder.

And then, coincidentally, there just happen to be surveillance records from Fred Otash, a private investigator who bugged Peter Lawford’s home (a regular hangout for the Kennedys).

Furthermore, involvement of the FBI, LAPD, and CIA in monitoring Monroe’s interactions with the Kennedys was a bit weird.

Why were they watching her?

Why would she have committed suicide?


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