Dr Eugene Michael Jones (commonly known as E Michael Jones) was an Assistant Professor of American Literature at St. Mary’s College, and is widely known for his critical views on contemporary cultural and religious issues. 

He was dismissed in 1981 due to his anti-abortion stance, leading him to leave academia and start a magazine, initially named Fidelity and later Culture Wars, which focuses on the disarray in the Catholic Church including the subversion of the Catholic faith.


The meaning of the term ‘Holocaust‘ has evolved over time. Various literary and propaganda influences, including television shows and films, have shaped our understanding of history. He points out that influential WWII leaders like Eisenhower, Churchill, and de Gaulle did not mention gas chambers or the genocide of Jews in their memoirs, which obviously raises eyebrows.

The three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross (1947) also found no evidence of gas chambers.

He (rightly) suggests that there is extreme suppression and censorship of discourse, allowing pretty much only Jews to openly discuss it.

You can discuss what did and didn’t happen in the Rwandan genocide, but don’t dare do the same with the Holocaust.

Not a real quote, but it could be

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